Youth Exchage in the Rotary District 7120

This Page is craeted to communicate and share informations about the Rotary Exchange Stundets. If you have any ideas about about this page please send a email to The WEBMASTER that I can try to realize it.

I you have any photos from the Rotary events, or you you have even doubles fromthe photos, bring them to the next Event so that the yearbook Staff (Brandon, Me, Priyanka, Camille and Anne) can scan them. We neet especially group photos or funny ones. Thank you!

I'm gonna have the List of all students with their adress and email adress. I also want to have our sports, so that we can meet each other @ games or competitions to meet and have fun.


MSN Messager Nicknames:

If you want your name on this list, just write a mail to


O you need a ride to one of the Rotary events write ME that contains your name, where you live and where you wanna go!

Anything else?

If you have any questions visit the calendar of the events during our year!!

Thanks for your support and don't forget GERMANY HAS A BIG BEACH!

Falko Richter alias

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